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A  hot selfshot from a follower-SWINGER COUPLE who wanna be seen by others totally anonymous; thanx. | | TOPLESS TUESDAY is a weekly fun event of Tumblr users that who post their topless self-pictures anonymously or not to this blog courtsey of the rocking erotic-art blog, WORKSHOPEROTICA. It’s totally pointless. It’s easy to join this event: I) Become topless. II) Take a topless pic. III) Submit this pic from our “submit” link or send it by e-mail to with the mail subject “Topless Tuesday”. IV) Make us to know that if you wanna be seen by other followers as an anonymous user or not. V) If you do not want to be seen as an anonymous user and if you have got a note for others to read, so make us to know your note, links, etc. That’s all! So, JOIN TOPLESS TUESDAY now… REBLOG THAT and PROMOTE US if you wanna see your followers TOPLESS on TUESDAY! Have fun! :) Thank you.

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